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Welcome to Maven for PHP

PHP-Maven uses the power of Maven 3 for building, reporting on and creating documentations of PHP projects. It adapts the Maven build lifecycle to the PHP world while fully supporting PHP 5. PHP-Maven uses PHPUnit for unit testing and phpDocumentor for creating the project documentation.

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Use a PHP library project to create a library that can be used by other PHP libraries or PHP web projects. Use a PHP web project to create a standalone web project. Or use the several well known frameworks for your project.

Latest stable: 2.0.2
Latest snapshot: 2.0-SNAPSHOT

Getting support

For community users and open sourced:

For companies and closed sourced/ non public support: See the support page for details.


  • Own Maven lifecycle for PHP
  • Supports PHP 5
  • Archetypes for various project types
  • Supports PHPUnit
  • Supports PHPDocumentor
  • Produces PHARs
  • Eclipse-Support
  • Huge repository with ten thousands of well known projects/versions